Top Resource To Make Your Life Easier As An Entrepreneur

A few weeks ago I asked you all to participate in a super short survey so I could find out what topics were most helpful and relevant for what you feel you need help with most in your business right now.

A whopping 44% of you said: Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier As An Entrepreneur.

Cool. I get that. Who doesnt want an easy button for their business?

Well get this… After 8 years of working with entrepreneurs, I have come to learn that there is one thing that is more effective at making business easier for entrepreneurs than anything else.

Want to guess what it is?

Alright, Ill tell you… MONEY!

The good ol M-O-N-E-Y!

When you have money you can stress less. When you have money you can invest in the trainings, resources, and staff you need to grow your business. When you have money you can help more people. And when you have money you can have more fun.


We all get that right?!

Something else we all get is that the way to make more money is to sell stuff. Theres really no other way around it whether you like sales or not.

But what if I told you everything you knew about sales was wrong and that there was a better, easier, and more time relevant way then what you probably know.


This is a way you can sell while actually doing less work because it involves selling ONE-TO-MANY instead of one-to-one.

I gotta tell you, that this isnt a new whiz bang internet strategy but rather one that the worlds most well-known authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and info-marketers use to build their empires.

Still interested?

Ok, here it isspeaking.

Not public speaking but rather speaking for profit.  Seriously.

THIS (speaking for profit) is how you sell one-to-many instead of one-to-one, so business can become a whole lot easier for you!


Look, even if you don’t want to get on a stage, but have ever given a thought to doing webinars, teleseminars, Google Hangouts, and online presentations, (or are doing them now but they arent converting how you want them to) then you owe it to yourself to pay close attention to what Im about to share with you… BECAUSE IT CHANGED MY BUSINESS, AND IT WILL FOR YOU TOO.

You see, I struggled with speaking for profit for a long time. I was speaking on webinars and stages monthly, and people liked what I said, they would want to take pictures with me after I spoke, they would even want my autograph (which still weirds me out), but they werent really buying my stuff, which meant almost no money from my speaking efforts!

And no money = no bueno.

So I searched for the best damn speaking trainer I could find by the name of Mr. Dave Vanhoose (whose known for building his first company to 100 employees, over $30 million in revenue, and was producing 50-100 seminar events per month – all in three years time), paid him $12,500 to spend a day with me teaching me his blueprint for speaking for profit on the stage and from and online presentations like webinars, implemented his formula, and the result: Just shy of 280k in just a few short months – using JUST ONE STRATEGY that involves selling one-to-many, instead of one-to-one . (Money well invested Id say!)


In fact, here is a picture of me experiencing my first back of the room sales rush using Daves blueprint for the very first time. YES! That’s me standing on a chair trying not to get trampled by a room full of entrepreneurs! 🙂 To say I felt like a business baller on this day would be a total understatement! (Remember, prior to this I admittedly felt like I sucked at speaking for profit).

But more than that, my business and life got sooooo much easier. It was then that I was able to free up more time to spend more time with family and friends when I want to, travel the world as I please including a week away with my boyfriend Chris almost every month, and work through my bucketlist on the regular BECAUSE NOW I WAS SELLING ONE-TO-MANY)

This also gave me the confidence to know I can make money when I NEED to by speaking for profit which to me is true financial freedom!

Listen, so many of you told me you were looking for Business Tools To Make Your Life Easier As An Entrepreneurand speaking is the best business tool Ive found to do that. So heres what I did… I asked my mentor Dave to come teach his speaking for profit blueprint he taught me for $12,500 to YOU for FREE.


And I was thrilled when he said YES!

Therefore, I want to invite you to join us on the training.

The registration page is up and you can sign up to join us here now:

Dave is super busy working with his students, spending time with his beautiful daughter Victoria, and running his non-profit organization, so please make sure to do whatever you need to do to clear you calendar to attend. I am not sure when another opportunity like this might happen again.


One more thing I want to mention before I let you go: The other two most popular topics that were voted for on the survey were Email List Buildingand How to Make Money With a Blog, and while these are important topics, I want to make sure you understand this: When you have an email list, one of the most lucrative ways to monetize that list is with online presentations like webinars, teleseminars, and Google Hangouts. So if one of your business growth strategies is to build your email list this year (which is a great strategy to focus on), you are going to need these speaking for profit skills to make that happen. Therefore, Dont miss this ADVANCED ONLINE SEMINAR I am hosting with Dave. ALSO, when you have a blog as part of your business, one of the most lucrative ways to monazite the blog is by building an email list of people interested in your blog topic and then monetizing that list with online presentations like webinars, teleseminars, and Google Hangouts, just as I mentioned above. So you are going to need these speaking for profit skills too.  Therefore, dont miss this ADVANCED ONLINE SEMINAR I am hosting with Dave.

Got it? Good!

I just wanted to make sure you understood how important I see this online event being for your business.


Heres the link to register one more time >>

Have the best damn day ever!



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