Tips for Hiring Rockstar Employees!

Hiring employees can be a real challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this, but probably one of the biggest reasons is the fear of the unknown.

That’s right. I said unknown. The unknown of whether you can really trust your new hire. Not knowing if they are as competent as they appear. Not knowing if you are making the right choice for your business. Not knowing if it will work out.

Fear of anything is an interesting and peculiar emotion as it can be both good and bad. Fear can be a great thing because it is what keeps us from putting ourselves in dangerous situations (such as walking down a dark alley at night or touching a hot stove), but when fear gets in the way of us living our best life and growing our business, it becomes a problem. Hiring assistance to help you run and grow your business becomes essential at one point for all business owners, and not being able to overcome this fear could leave you overwhelmed, frustrated, and it can ultimately be the death of your business

Here are some precautions to take when hiring a new employee that will help ease your worries and ensure you are getting the right person on the job!

1. Ask for business references, ALWAYS!

I always talk to the former employer of the potential new hire before I make them an offer. You could learn a lot of interesting things about the interviewee from their previous employer. When you talk to references you really want to dig for the truth. Don’t be afraid to interview the reference and ask them specific questions about the new potential hire.

2. Do a background check.

You can find out a lot about a person by their criminal record, and what you find here could be a real deal breaker.

3. Put the new hire on a probationary basis.

Tell the new hire that they have 3 months to prove they deserve a job at your company. Let them work hard and earn it. If they fail to meet your expectations early on, you may just want to let them go. (NOTE: I also never offer benefits until this probationary period is over, which is pretty standard when it comes to hiring new employees.)

4. Ask current employees that you trust to interview the candidate as well.

They may see something that you are not, and it never hurts to get a second opinion…or a third…or a fourth!


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