Three Ways To Actually Make Money Off Of Your Telesummit

Think telesummits are dead?! Think again!

I launched my coaching business with a telesummit, generated 2,067 new leads and generated $300k in sales in my very first year. And this strategy is still working for me today, and my clients today to achieve similar results.

It’s truly one of my favorite strategies to generate more leads for your business, and if done the right way, profit royally off the back end.

PLUS, it’s one of my favorite strategies to…

  • Be looked at as an instant authority
  • Be aligned with other experts in your industry
  • Create a network of affiliate and joint venture partners
  • Get requests for interviews and speaking engagements

What is a telesummit?

In short, it’s a virtual expert interview event – either with audio or video. You, as the host, interview experts to be on your telesummit in exchange for the exposure and list building opportunities they will experience by being a part of the summit. AND they promote your telesummit for you to their email database. Everyone from their database that signs up or opts in for your summit is now added to your customer/client email list.

So let’s move onto the fun part… how to actually make money from your telesummit? Here are three ideas:

1) Offer a one-time-only upsell offer to your telesummit registrants.

Most people who host telesummits immediately direct their registrants to a “thank you” page upon signing up. That’s okay, but there’s a better way to do it which will actually yield you sales, and let you know who your hot leads are for your bigger paid offers. If someone is willing to part ways with their money for a low dollar offer of yours, then they will be more likely to sign up for a higher priced service.

Here’s what you want to do: Instead of sending your telesummit registrations to a “thank you page”, send them to a “one-time-only offer page”. This is where you offer them a bundle of items that will enhance their telesummit experience at a low dollar amount. Think $27-$47.

To make it easy for you, consider bundling together the telesummit call recordings (you will have them anyway from the summit), a strategy call with you or another team member (where you can use this as another sales opportunity to move them into your high dollar program or offering), and another short training you already have that is on topic with the telesummit. This way you don’t need to spend hours or days creating something new.

You won’t get “rich” off of these initial sales, but you will be able to cover some of your telesummit costs and identify which participants you should target first after your telesummit to move into your higher priced offers.

2) Launch a coaching program – or other offering – off the back end of your telesummit.

You have now built a list (or added new subscribers to your existing list), AND they have been listening to the telesummit recordings so they know you and like you, and hopefully trust you. Now you want to use this to your advantage to enroll new clients you can really help, and make some high dollar sales.

Here’s what you want to do: A week after you telesummit airs, promote and host a training webinar to your list. Offer it as a supplemental training to some of the juiciest conversations that came up during the summit and to speak to your databases biggest pain points. At the end of the webinar, make an offer for your attendees to apply for one of your coaching programs – or offerings. Then followup for 5-7 days with a few emails to promote your offering and the application process.

3) Market to them over and over again.

Your interaction with this list doesn’t stop here. I – so far – have made $111,262.82 from selling her offerings to the 2,067 people we are talking about today. If I would have stopped, that number would have been A LOT lower.

Here’s what you want to do: Send your email list your email newsletter on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, opportunities for strategy calls, invitations to webinars, affiliate promotions, and more. Keep serving and marketing to your list, and your list will serve you.


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