Three Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Experiencing Big Social Media PAYDAYS

Still struggling tying to figure out how to make real money with social media? Well one thing is for sure… you are not alone. Using social media to make money as a business owner still seems like a mystery for most. 

I’ve figured it out (in fact I recently closed just under 250k in new business from leads that came from Facebook), and now we want to share a little of what we’ve discovered with you. 

In this article you are going to discover the 3 big mistakes that most entrepreneurs make that keep them from experiencing big social media paydays.


MISTAKE #1- Not Understanding the Formula For Success. There is ONE formula for making money with social media that can be applied  to every and all social media platforms in order to generate those Big Social Media Paydays. However, most people are unaware of this formula, and if they are, they don’t know how to use it correctly.

What is it?

Traffic + Offers =  Dollars

This means you want to send highly qualified prospects (traffic) to high converting offers online (offers) in order to see real money in the bank.

Some ideas of how to do this are writing a Facebook status update that links over to an optin page for a training, or creating and inviting your friends to a Facebook event to leads them to an optin page for your webinar, or even ending out a tweet that links over to a strategy call application page.

Focus on the formula. It’s the only one that yields those big paydays with Social Media. 


MISTAKE #2- Having the Wrong Mindset. You must avoid the mindset that social media is “cross-your-fingers and hope-it-works” marketing or that that social media is not trackable and that you can’t determine the results.

Your results with social media ARE measurable. In fact, when you track your results, and track them the right way, this information will give you the knowledge you need to make even more money with social media because you can then continue to do what is working and tweak what is not for better results.

How do you do this? Affiliate tracking links. What am I talking about? Let me break it down…

An affiliate is someone that promotes your products or services for a commission.

Affiliate tracking software was created to track the sales of your affiliates online so you could pay them an accurate commission.

(still with me?)

So what you want to do is think of the social media sites you use (each individually) as an affiliate working for you. Facebook is an affiliate, Twitter is an affiliate, etc. 

You want to set up each social media platform with it’s own account in your affiliate tracking software and then use their unique promotion links when promoting on social media. 

I personally use Infusionsoft’s affiliate tracking and in my opinion it’s the best one. Or you can google affiliate tracking software and do your own research to find one that is a great fit.


MISTAKE #3- Many business owners give up too soon after not seeing instant results from their social media marketing. But the truth is inaction certainly will not generate any results. 

A full commitment is needed in order to see those big social media paydays in your business. Make the commitment to yourself to give it your all and put in the time and dedication needed to make it a success.

If you aren’t willing to do it, hire someone to do it for you. In the modern marketing world you can’t afford not to have an incredible social presence. This is not just “another thing to do”, it’s a necessity.


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