This book changed how I think about EVERYTHING…

This book changed how I think about EVERYTHING


A few weeks ago when I was recording an interview with Joe Polish for the Best Damn Online Biz Summit, he recommended I read a book that made a big impact in his life that he thought would make a big impact in mine too.  This book changed how I think about EVERYTHING…


Now, if you know me, you know I am not a reader (in fact I suck at it). I struggled terribly in school, and miraculously got by by having my sweet mother read all the books to me. And once I went off to boarding school for 11th and 12th grade I managed by reading the Cliffsnotes. I have only read two other books in full in my whole life. My Dads book, “Outragrous Advertising Thats Outragerously Successful”, and Suzanne Evans book, “The Way You Do Anything is The Way You Do Everything”. To say the evolution of video as a tool to educate was a godsend for me is no joke.  


But I really RESPECT and ADMIRE Joe, and since he so strongly suggested it, I decided to give it a go.  


I finished it front to back reading it causally in just under 2 weeks.


The book: “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing, by Marie Kondo.


The book details step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing which is all based on determining which items in your house spark joy(and which dont), and only keeping the ones that do so you can enjoy the unique magic of a tidy homeand the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.


(Sidenote: While preparing the telesummit, I was also in the middle of moving back to my boyfriend Chriss house on the water at the time, so I think Joe thought this read was perfect timing for me – and it was. In fact we have already donated about half our stuff with more out the door, and omgosh it feels so good! #Lessisthenewmore).


What I didnt expect was for it to make such a profound impact on my life outside of tidying the home.


Sure, only keeping the stuff in my house that made me feel joy would make a big change in my life, I could see that clearly as I read the pages. But when I completed the book, the question I was fixated on was, What if I only kept everything in my WHOLE LIFE that brought me joy, and got rid of – or changed – the rest?(And I mean everything! Even the way I approach business.)


So what’s cool, is that this has inspired me to make the decision to approach business and do business in a way that brings me joy – and I am more clear about what that looks like then ever.  


Heres one way I am building a business that brings me joy, and its a bit of a flip from what Im used to (Yes, pun intended – hehe):


Some of you know that I recently started flipping homes after meeting Margaret Kim (aka The Flip Chick) as a speaking Mastermind Group I am a part of. I have always wanted to flip homes and have been obsessed with shows like, Flip Or Flopand Fixer Upper,  and seeing her rock it out in that world in a way that allows her to have such freedom to travel, be very present for her kids, and support an orphanage in Peru was so inspiring. Also, it doesnt hurt that my man owns a construction company – which is helpful considering I cant even hang a picture on the wall 😉


I bought my first flip property on May 11th, and have two more I am lining up right now, and I LOVE it!  It brings me so much joy! It doesnt feel like work one bit, and now it going to be a big focus for me going forward.


BUT it also brings me so much joy knowing how much I have impacted the lives of so many entrepreneurs, and I cant just give that up.


In fact right now I am off the wall excited that one of my clients was able to quit her job last week to continue growing their business full time! That was the vision, we created the plan, and she worked their booty off to hit their numbers and make it happen! I am so proud and happy for her, and THAT feeling is JOY!


So that being said, I will continue to stay connected with you all here,  because that feeling I mentioned above is awesome! Being able to connect with and inspire all of you brings me great JOY! Here’s what that looks like:

  • Part of that looks like building my business around my life, and not the other way around (which I did for so long, and I dont recommend).  


  • Part of that looks like being even more vulnerable and sharing whats on my mind through my blogs, vlogs, and trainings.


  • Part of that look like sharing resources that are not my own with all of you that I know will make a BIG IMPACT on your business and life either because I have worked with the person who created the program/product myself or have worked closely with the person who created the program/product as a client. (I will probably release my own from time to time too).


  • Part of that looks like giving more back.  


  • And part of this looks like doing less but impacting more (#lessisthenewmore really is my new motto).


  • AND OF COURSE, part of this looks like CUTTING THE CRAP and only telling you what you need to do and what works to build your best damn business and life, and not just whats easy and what you want to hear (because that brings me joy too)!

    I look forward to staying connected. And if you are new to me, because many of you are, I must say, Welcome to my world!  


Have the best damn day ever!



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