Success with Social Media Starts with Commitment

Make the commitment to social media! The truth is that any business owner, no matter what niche or industry can easily experience big social media paydays in their business, but because they haven’t made the FULL commitment they just end up failing and giving up.

Many business owners have been lead down the wrong path when it comes to using social media in their business and there are really two people to blame:

1. The so called social media gurus who popped up out of nowhere claiming to know so much about social media, when really they don’t know squat (and have never generated real money with it).

2. The other business owners that try to figure it all out all by themselves just to save a buck or two, end up wasting valuable time, and then decide to swear off social media forever…You meet these people at networking events and maybe even online, and their bad experiences are enough to scare you away.

But the real truth is that you can experience big social media paydays in your business.

In fact, according to research done for the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry report that was compiled by Social Media Examiner, which is the world’s largest online social media magazine, out of the 3,300 people who participated, a significant 90% of marketers said that Social Media was an important part of their business, but more importantly to me, is the 43% of people who saw improved sales, and interestingly it was the small business owners who saw the most benefit!

For any business owner, social media can mean:

  • Being able to easily generate more money in their business from promotions and offerings they are already making available, meaning more money with minimal extra effort…
  • More financial stability in your business, ultimately leading to more enjoyment when it comes to running your business because you are now free of the worries about whether the bills will be paid, or worse, the employees.
  • The freedom to do more of the things you enjoy with the people you love most, because now we have the extra cash to do so.

In order to make these wonderful things a reality for you, you need to make the commitment.

Make the commitment to yourself to give it your all and put in the time and dedication needed to make it a success, and make a commitment to find a proven and successful mentor to show you how to see those big social media paydays.


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