So Sh*t Doesn’t Hit The Fan

As a biz owner it can be a toughie trying to figure out how you are going to sneak away for that summer vacation or holiday break without everything crumbling to pieces.

Ever turn down the opportunity to go somewhere awesome for some R+R because you were worried that Sh*t Would it The Fan? – Yep! Me too! Guilty as charged.

But here’s the truth… chances are that if you are an entrepreneur you started your business so you could live a rockin life that you are wild about – I know I did.  Which is why I decided to NOT let the “I can’t leave” excuse run my life… or my biz… for one min longer.

Last week I decided to take a super last min. summer vacation…. I’m talking book the plane ticket 3 days before I leave last minute.

Was I worried like hell that things were going to fall apart – hell yeah!

But we put some systems into place to make sure everything would be ay-okay!

Today I would like to share a few of them with you, so that you too can take off for a few days 100% worry free!

Got Clear With My Team – I took the time before I left to make sure everyone on my team (from my full timers to my freelancers) knew what had to be done and the deadlines those tasks needed to be complete. This dissolved questions about what they should work on while I was away so they weren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs and getting paid to watch the clock

Implemented Team Check In Time – I checked in with all of my full time team members each morning at 10:15am on the dot to see how they were doing, what was on their plate, and answer any questions. This is something that we have implemented as an every day task regardless of me being in town or not, however we made sure to stick with it even while I was gone.

Delegated, Delegated, Delegated! – Prior to leaving to jet out of town, I took a serious look at my task list. Anything that someone else could do was taken off my plate and assigned to one of my team members, and anything that was not time sensitive was scheduled to be completed after I returned home. This is a great time to get honest with yourself about what you really need to do and what someone else can truly handle.

Set Up A Special Client Only Email Account – One of my BIG worries was that my client emails would get lost in my email inbox overload while I was away, and that I would miss an important email from someone needing time sensitive support.  To solve this challenge, we set up a special client only email that I could check every 48 hours to make sure my clients were getting what they needed while I was on the go.

Pre Planned Times When I Would Work – Some biz owners may decide to not work at all on their vacation… and that is great.  I chose to get in some working time but pre planned it into the calendar so I could still focus on fun. This allowed me to get some tasks completed that needed to get done without going overboard and working away the vaycay days.

Made Myself Available To My Team – My team knew that if at anytime they needed me, they could text or call. I encouraged them to “figure it out” for themselves first, but if it was urgent and they were stuck they could reach out – and on a few occasions they did. Whether you are away in or in town, as the biz owner you are responsible for your business… there are no questions about that.

The next time you need to skedaddle out of town, don’t panic! Use these tips to keep your business up, runnin, and totally rockin!

Now it’s your turn! What changes are you going to make to free up time in your biz.?


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