Mara is my go-to when it comes to generating a BIG BUZZ online and then turning it into REAL MONEY in the bank. From just 1 (of the many) simple campaigns Mara helped us engineer, we achieved a whopping 1,551% ROI! Her strategies are HOT, MONETIZABLE, and set up for ROI in every capacity!
Suzanne Evans
Since meeting Mara we've done over $100k in one month from Facebook alone and our opt-in's are going through the roof!
Shanda Sumpter
CEO and Owner / HeartCore Business
Using just several of the strategies Mara shared with us has helped us to exponentially improve our business. Our prospective client pipeline is now constantly and consistently full, and we are now closing on contracts with new clients each and every week!
James Guldan
Mara is wise beyond her years. In just a few short months coaching with her she has made a huge impact on my business. Her "Cut the Crap" approach is refreshingly honest. Other coaches will sugar coat advice or tell you what you want to hear. Not Mara. She asks probing questions to get to the heart of a situation and then BAM, she hits you on the forehead with the solution. Mara's marketing knowledge and experience is exceptional and she has easily redirected some of my efforts to create positive results. She really know how to light a fire under me when needed. If you're considering hiring a Business Coach you must talk to Mara Glazer before making a decision.
Jeff Dettmer
Outrageous Marketing Products
We implemented some things that we learned from Mara and we have landed 2 HUGE Clients for us that will make 2012 our most profitable year ever.
Robert Kraus
President / Express Short Sales
When I launched my business, Lauren David Style, I called Mara because I knew I needed help generating sales from my website. The first offer I made was for a allergen free food survival kit and I created 100 kits that I wanted to sell. Mara told me exactly how to set up my offer page, including what needed to be included on the page and where to put it, and also gave me some tips about how to drive traffic to that page. In under 2 weeks, with a very small list, I SOLD OUT! Thank you Mara for helping me use my website to bring more cash into my business.
Lauren Wuscher
President / Lauren David Style
I really have to thank Mara and her strategies for all of the success that I’ve seen in my business. Running a videography business isn’t easy, especially if you are trying to beat out the competition. But using her sales tactics, I was able to work with the Philadelphia Eagles, Merrell Shoes, AAA and even the White House all within my first 90 days of working with her.
Zephan Blaxberg
Owner / ZMBmedia
Mara and her No BS strategies have change my life. In just two short months after joining her program, I doubled my list, QUADRUPLED my income, made back the entire investment in her program, and had already accomplished the dreams that, previously, seemed so far off. I feel I have a clear path to reach my goals now and am finally confident that I can achieve them. She is a first-class strategist, a bucket full of brilliant ideas, and kick ass coach to boot!
Amanda Goldman-Petri
Owner and founder /
Mara's been a huge help in growing my bridal store and wedding planning business with online marketing. Her training has helped me increase my online presence which I have been able to track to more sales in my business. What I love is that she's given me great ideas I hadn't ever thought to try that have resulted in us generating more sales. I've been passing her name along to all of my other business friends so they can learn from her too.
Bridgette Nussle Moore
President / K & B Bridal