OMG I’m 30!

Yesterday was my BIG 30th Birthday… and I gotta say, it kinda feels a little weird.


I feel like I just turned 21… except I’m not anymore.


Anyway it was an amazing day. I kicked it off by watching The Today Show and the View, which I love but rarely ever do. Then met my gal pal, Chelsea, at the MD State Fair for a day of rides (AND we even watched a goat beauty pageant LOL), and then went to a nice dinner on the water with my guy. Best Damn Birthday Ever!  


In a few weeks I am hosting a party for all of my local friends and family to continue the celebration. Instead of asking for presents this year, I am asking for donations to help in my efforts to build a self-sustainable village in Kenya with the Unstoppable Foundation. I will be sharing more about that in the weeks to come, PLUS how you can get involved if you want to.   


In the meantime, I want to share with you an article I KNOW will help you SELL MORE if you are selling a program or service – which has to do with structuring your offer the right way. What I am going to share with you today has been very helpful for my clients, especially when it comes to avoiding getting the sales objection in the sales conversation.  


How To Create Your Best Damn Offer Ever An Offer That Is So Sexy, Your Prospects Cant Say No!


One easy way to sell more of your coaching programs, or service based offerings, is to make the offer so damn sexy that its hard for your prospects to say no.


Be honestwhich program would you rather join?


EXAMPLE PROGRAM A) Program Name: Private Health Coaching

1 Hour Kickstart Session

30 Minutes Coaching Calls Every Other Week

Email Access When Needed

Monthly Eating Plans

EXAMPLE PROGRAM B) Program Name: Summer Slimdown Bootcamp 3 Months To A Slimmer, Healthier, And Happier You

1 Hour Kickstart Your Health Private Coaching Session (Health Assessment, Goal Planning, And Action Plan Creation)

Summer Slimdown Group Support And Accountability Calls (Weekly)

Moving Forward + Momentum Private Coaching Calls (Bi-Weekly)

Unlimited Email Access

Customized Summer Slimdown Eating Plans Delivered To You Every Month With Shopping List

Summer Slimdown Recipe And Snack Guide

Report: Foods That Make You Slim + Sliming Snacks Sample Pack

Summer Slimdown Get Slim Gift Pack (Pedometer, Water Bottle, Food Journal, And A Few Other Special Surprises)

Summer Slimdown Restaurant Guide: Slimdown Approved Meals From The 20 Most Popular Restaurants

Skinny Cocktails Recipe Guide

30 Day Trial Gym Membership

25% Off Your Entire Purchase Coupon At Charm City Run

Around The Clock Support Via Summer Slimdown Private Facebook Group

BONUS TRAINING: Stay Slim How To Avoid Putting Back On The Weight While Eating What You Want

Youd have to be a bozo to pick example A over example B! Right?

(And you may even want to sign up for example B right now! If so, sorry! You cant. I made it up for todays article.)


So how can you create your best damn offer ever, and make it difficult for your  


1) Add Value By Adding More Features


The features of the program answer the questions of what are you going to get?The more features included in your program, especially if they are super juicy, the more valuable your program is going to appear. But this doesnt mean you need to spend a ton of time creating new stuffor spend a ton of money on fancy add ons. Here are a few ideas to bulk up on features to add more value. (Note: Any and all features of your program need tone in line with your program theme and mission. Dont just add stuff to add stuff.)


  1. Take a look at other trainings, content, etc. you have already created that can be repurposed for your program. Maybe you already have an ebook that would make a really great bonus, and it just needs new cover artwork to be added seamlessly to the offering. Or maybe you were interviewed on someone elses telesummit, and you can add the recording to your program offering. Look at what you already have to save the time and frustration of creating something new.  
  2. Partner with non competing businesses to bundle their offerings into your offering. In example B above you may have noticed that I added a 30 day trial gym membership into the package. As the program creator this is a great way to add value without costing you more money. You would partner with a local gym who would offer the passes for free with the opportunity to offer a longer membership after the trial is over. The gym gets great leads, you add more value, its a win win. The 25% off coupon to Charm City Run would be another example  


Action step: Brainstorm 5 ways you can add more value to your offer by adding more features, and then pick at least 2 to act on.


2) Create Clever Names


Does your program sounds BORINGGG!


No, seriously?


The name of your program and its features, if boring, can be scaring people away.


A boring sounding program means in the minds of your prospects that they going to be bored. And who wants to sign up (and pay) for something that is going to, well, suck?


Action step: Take the time to write a creative name for your program (and your program features too). Look at example B above for some great ideas to get started.

3) Create Community  


Adding community to any program is beneficial because  


  1. It keeps your clients from feeling like they are going through the experience alone (which will keep them happier)  


  1. it keeps your clients engaged as a connected part of the group so they are more likely to complete the program (this is accountability on steroids)  


  1. it keeps clients coming back because they dont want to leave the relationships, friendships, and bonds they have made  


Those are just a few reasons that scrape the surface.  


My favorite way to add community to any program or offering is to set up a private Facebook Group where everyone can interact, share big wins, ask questions, and connect.  


Other ideas: live masterminds, virtual masterminds, pier accountability groups, group contests


Action step: Brainstorm 3 ways you can add community to your program or offering and implement at least one.


4) Add Features That Speak To Your Ideal Clients Objections


Ever been on a sales call where a prospect has specific objections holding them back from saying yes? We all have! (And its a bummer!)


A great way to bust an objection before its even brought to the surface is to add features to your program package that speak to the most common objections your prospects might have.


For example, one concern for many individuals who lose weight is putting it back on. Thats why in example B above I included a Bonus Training called, Stay Slim How To Avoid Putting Back On The Weight While Eating What You Want


Now that objection will be less likely to come up, and if it does, as the program creator you can speak to how your program would cover that very topic and how you would work with your client through that process so they dont have to worry about a thang!


Action step: Make a list of your prospects most common objections and add a feature to your program that solves each objection they might have.


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