I Got You What You Asked For! (List Building Training)

Is it okay if Im honest with you for a minute? (Like REAL HONEST)


Here it is: as a business owner, having an ideal client email list has saved my booty a time or two.


If you have been with me for a while, you will remember the concussion I got on Christmas of 2013. I was in bed for weeks, couldn’t speak on stage, network, heck, I couldnt even look at a computer screen, and still made 60k  – because I had a customer email list.


Or earlier this year when I wanted to make an investment to uplevel my business, I brought in 30k in additional income from my customer email list in just one month to make that happen.


Yet it still boggles my mind that so many entrepreneurs in 2015 either dont have an email list or dont make it a priority.


Take this for example…


Just a few months ago, one of my neighbors was telling me how hard its been to find clients for their group coaching program. They knew having a database of ideal clients would be helpful, but havent taken the time to make it a main focus.


I just stood there, SMH (Thats means shaking my headif you arent up on the freshest teenage lingo) ?


But heres the thing… I know so many of you in my community are in that place too because it was the #1 request on the survey feedback I received when I asked you what topics were most helpful and relevant for what you feel you need help with most in your business right now. I know you WANT this AND NEED this.


So heres what Ive done… I asked my really good girlfriend, Shanda Sumpter, to lead a 90-minute training event where she shares how her, and thousands of her students, are building lucrative email lists for their business (without super tech savy strategies or Facebook Ads), PLUS the three steps you must take to build a sustainable business that generates 6 figures and more.


This training is called The Money Spot: The Secret But Simple Path to Build a Business that Makes Money Now!>> CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!


Sure! There are a lot of list building experts and trainings out there, but heres why you should listen to Shanda: Shanda has built THREE million dollar businesses in THREE different fields – the Nightclub Industry, Real Estate Investment Industry, and her Coaching Practice. She built them with the same THREE steps she is going to teach on the training and in the same exact order (including step #1 which is all about building a list).  


Plus, she doesn’t make list building or building a business for that matter complicated. In fact, she makes it rather simple so that anyone, no matter their tech level can do it.


Here’s what you will uncover, when you join Shanda, on the training:

The THREE steps you must take to get that business of yours into and above six figures


What happens if you miss a step or try to go in the wrong order (you FALL!)


The exponential power of DEVOTED fans and a targeted list – even in small numbers – to generate 100k or more a year


The surprisingly low number of subscribers you need to reach a Tipping Point in your success


Tips on building your list of fans and buyers through Telesummits, Blogging, Email Marketing, LiveStreams and Video


The power of a Telesummit with the RIGHT formula to be the FASTEST tool to grow your list


How to Get Right With Your Money– and make multiple streams of income, savings, taxes and investing work for you


Super concentrated biz strategies that tie it all together

Like I said, because its bears repeating, I know you WANT this AND NEED this.


So, if youre going to do just one thing outside your routine this week, PLEASE let this be it.

>> Click here to register now!

Have the best damn day ever!



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