How To Actually Make Money By Attending Other People’s Events

One thing I know about business owners who attend marketing conferences is that a lot of them never really see a direct monetary gain from attending in fact many actually lose money once they factor in the cost of attendingand its 100% their fault! (Cmonyou know youve been guilty!).

You cant expect to just show up and go home with more money in your pocket! All successful business owners know you have got to do the work to make it happen. And when you work it, it works.

So today I am sharing the three things that I do EVERY time I attend an event, no matter the number of attendees or topic, to generate sales for my business

  • Go with the intention of connecting with affiliates, JV partners, and people who can book you for speaking engagements.               Before arriving at the event, try to get a list of the attendees so you can arrive knowing who you want to connect with. Many times the event will start a Facebook group for attendees, and you can find out who will be there that way. Put together your hit list, know why you want to connect with them (dont go up to someone and say you want to work with them but dont know how have a specific reason why), and make the intention to connect.Earlier this year I attended an event with the intention of connecting with 3 specific people I wanted to do a deal with. I went to the event, approached them for meetings, arranged for those meetings to happen while we were there, and did all three deals!
  • Go with the intention of enrolling new clients.                                                                                                                                                           During the event breaks and networking parties I engage in conversations with other attendees and make a point to tell them what I do and how I help people. I always end up meeting people who need our help, and through doing that many times I schedule enrollment calls with other attendees to take place after the event, who sign up as new clients in my business.Now many of you dont know this but I am a total introvert. In fact sometimes 5 days can go by without me leaving my home and I like it like that! So this is uncomfortable for me, and chances are this will be uncomfortable for many people reading this too. But you have to do it. Your business wont sell itself, you must sell it! (Sidenote: I actually met one of my best girlfriends through networking at an event. I am pretty glad I CUT THE CRAP and got open to meeting people or I wouldnt have this great friend.)
  • Actually attend. You know that if you commit to being a good attendee by showing up to all the sessions and training you will learn at least a strategy or two that will make a massive impact on your business. And truth be told one strategy really can make a massive impact!

So, go to all of the sessions at the event, take amazing notes, and before you leave write down the top three things you need to do to make a massive impact in your business. AND THEN DO THEM!


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