A Low Risk Strategy To Build Your Email List

Hi There Mara,  

A big GRACIAS to all of you who filled out my little survey last week.  

Hundreds of you participated, and it was sooo helpful.

Now I know exactly what you feel you need to create your best damn business and life, so I can make sure what I share through my blogs, vlogs, and trainings are relevant and most helpful for you and the rest of my online community.  

While I work behind the scenes on some trainings to help you in the areas you all are telling me you need guidance on most, I wanted to send over something really juicy to help you out right away.

On the survey, a whopping 44% of you said one of the top three topics you need help with most is email list building, so today I wanted to send you the details behind a low-risk strategy (that is also very effective) to build your email list.

The technical term for this strategy is “solo ads”.  


However some others call it, “solo emails”. Some call it, “dedicated emails”. Some call it, “sponsored emails”. And some even call it, “paid emails”.

Call it what you want, but don’t get caught up in the name. The result you will achieve from this strategy happens when you implement it!

Here’s what this is all about:  

To build your list you need to send traffic of your ideal clients/customers to a lead capture page for something like a complimentary report, training, webinar, quiz, etc. right?  


And one great way of getting traffic is to have other businesses with a list of your ideal clients/customers (aka affiliates) to promote your lead capture page to their email list, right?  


Well it’s no secret that getting another business with a big email list to mail for you as an affiliate can be tricky (especially if you are newer to your industry and nobody knows who you are).  It’s not impossible. It’s just tricky.  


Thats why many smart businesses have begun to buy the opportunity to have the RIGHT businesses mail for them, so they can get their message out in front of their target market in a bigger way, and fast!

When I first started as a business owner after I left Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC) upon my father selling the company, I had NO e-mail list what-so-ever, and I needed to build a database of subscribers like – yesterday. So as soon as I opened up my virtualdoors, I leveraged stunningly affordable sponsored solo emails to build my list of highly qualified prospects and create my first breakthroughs.

If you need to build a list from scratch, or pump up your list size, sponsored solo emails are one way to go.

Many bloggers offer these opportunities (I’ve seen them from as low as $35!), and there are even entire online databases designated to helping businesses like you find great paid promotional partners. Use Google to help you with your search. And if you see a blog or business that seems like a good fit for something like this, but doesn’t mention these type of advertising opportunities on their website, remember my motto:


Today I share with you 12 tips you MUST know when buying a sponsored solo e-mail as a strategy to build your email list:

1) Know The Goal There are two goalsbreak even up front and build your list.  Dont expect to make a lot of money up front.  With this strategy it probably wont happen.  But if you do it right you can capitalize handsomely on the back end.

2) Know When Its A Bad Idea Only use this strategy if you could pay for the promo in 1-2 sales (maybe three tops!) PLAY IT SAFE!

3) Negotiate Bundles Maybe you can add some social media posts to your package at the same price?  Maybe you can buy one promo and get the 2nd half off? Its okay to negotiate.

4) Get Clear About Their Numbers (List Size, Open Rate, Click Through Rate etc.) If you want proof of list size, ask for a screenshot of the e-mail blast report when you are negotiating the arrangement, not after its sent.

5) Use Your Own Words Make sure you can write the copy, and its not the mailer writing it for you. You want control here.

6) Perspective The e-mail should sound as if it came from the sender.  At this point they have more credibility with their list and you will get better results. You should write the email from the sender’s voice.

7) Image is Everything Make sure you can put at least 1 image in the email and that you can create the image.  If you are sending to a video, add a video image with play button.

8) Be Clear About Limitations Up Front Every company has their own rules about their e-mails (word count, image size, etc.). Make sure you know limitations before you enter into the arrangement.

9) Research Check the companys list demographics to make sure it matches your ideal customer/client profile.

10) Write a DAMN GOOD Headline Tell them what is inside.

Ex:  [COMPLIMENTARY TRAINING] _____________________

11) Know Where To Go Always send the reader to and opt-in page backed by a strong sales funnel.

12) MOST IMPORTANTLY Track with affiliate links so you can collect stats like page conversion rate, opt-ins, front end sales, and long term sale

Seriously, give the strategy a try. I am pretty sure you will be happy with the results.  


Have the best damn day ever!



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