3 Things Falling In Love Taught Me (Or Reminded Me) About Business

Many of the people in my world have been commenting on and liking my Facebook posts and pics featuring a friendly new face – my sexy, successful, and self made man, Chris.

Chis is an amazing entrepreneur and I learn so much about business from him every day (and I have definitely taught him a thing or two myself), which is exciting for me because now I have someone to geek out with about marketing on the day to day!

We just got back from an amazing trip to West Palm Beach, Florida, and while we were away I was thinking about what our relationship has taught me – or reminded me – about being a successful business owner and building an amazing business that fuels you.

Today I want to share three ideas with you so you can learn from my love to help you create a business that you love too.

1) “If it’s not in alignment with who you are and what you want, just say NEXT!”

Back in January I was having a friendly girl chat catchup call with one of my entrepreneurial gal pals, Darla Ledoux (www.alignedentrepreneurs.com). I had just gone through a pretty rough breakup with a guy I “thought” was a keeper, followed by a nice fat juicy concussion, and car accident all in the same 10 day time span. (Feel free to call me a “TOTAL HOT MESS”, because I was!)

Darla, in her amazing brilliance, said to me, “Mara, every time you meet a guy that’s not in alignment with who you are and what you want, just say NEXT! Then eventually you will find one who is.”

I listened to Darla and that’s exactly what I did.

I “nexted” over a dozen guys for 5 and a half months, without thinking twice, because we just weren’t aligned. It was as simple as that!

This is eventually one of the things that lead me to meet Chris.

But here’s the thing… in business this rule applies just the same.

When it comes to clients, team, support, etc, you have to next the ones who aren’t aligned with who you are and what you want to find the ones who are – the ones you can fall in love with in your business, and can’t wait to work with or employ.

In the past 2 months I have fired 4 clients who just weren’t in alignment with who I am and what I want – and it feels damn good! Try it! I bet you’ll like it! 🙂

2) Figure Out Where Your Ideal Peeps Are Hanging Out and GO THERE!

A few months ago I was having lunch with Dave VanHoose and Dustin Matthews from 7 Figure Speaking Empire in beautiful St. Pete Florida, and Dave brings up the topic of my oh so juicy love life. Ooh La La!

I shared with him how I was having challenges meeting “Mr. Right”, and I always seem to be meeting “Mr. Wrong”.

Dave then asked me, “Well Mara, where are you meeting these guys?”

I started to hammer off a long list:

Lock And Key
Speed Dating
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Then Dave said, “Mara that’s the problem. You need to go where the guys you want to meet are.”

Well DUH!

I tell my clients all the time to figure out where their ideal clients are hanging out and go there… And better yet if there is a fee to attend because that’s where the people with the money to invest are. Why is it any different when it comes to finding love? It’s not!

So that’s exactly what I did.

Two of my friends (Judah and Mike) had been telling me for a month that I needed to meet this guy Chris because we were perfect for each other and they wanted to hook me up – but they weren’t making it happen, so I decided to make it happen myself.

I found out Chris was going to be at the Preakness here in Baltimore in one of the more fancy smancy sections of the event, so I paid the $400 to attend… even though I don’t know one thing about racing horses, or care for that matter.

I figured if Chris and I didn’t hit it off at least I would be in a room full of potential man prospects I could spend the day flirting with. 😉

Luckily our friends who wanted to set us up were right… We were a great match.

I hear entrepreneurs complain on the regular about having challenges in enrollment conversations with people “just don’t have the money” or “who aren’t the right fit” when the truth is you might just talking to the wrong people in the wrong places. Think on that.

3) Everything Has An Opposite – Including Your Failure And Success

About 2 years ago, on my quest to find “Mr. Right”, I hired an incredible love coach named Debi Berndt, (www.creativelove.com)

Through Debi is when I first discovered the law of polarity.

If you are not familiar with the law of polarity it means that everything has an opposite.

Here is the best explanation I could find…

In “The Science Of Getting Rich” Program, Bob Proctor says: “Everything in the universe has its opposite. You have a right and left side to your body, a front and back.Every up has a down and every down has an up. The law of Polarity not only states that everything has an opposite …it is equal and opposite. If it was 3 feet from the floor up on to the table, it would be 3 feet from the table down to the floor. If it is 150 miles from Manchester to London, by law it must be 150 miles from  London to Manchester; it could not be any other way.”

As I mentioned, I first came to understand this concept through Debi’s program for those looking for love, but how this law applies to business can be so powerful.

Here are some examples:
*When there is lack, there is also the possibility to have abundance
*When there is stress, there is also possibility to have calm
*When the business isn’t serving you and your lifestyle desires, there is also possibility for it to serve you and your lifestyle desires

This changed my whole mindset for what is possible in love, business, and in life. If you always know there is a possibility for the opposite to exist that can be just what you need to begin pulling you out from being in a stuck funk, OR just what you need to keep you motivated to never get into that stuck funk place.


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