12 Hot High Open Rate Subject Lines You Can Use In Your Business

Being the marketing dork that I am, I love analyzing my stats!

So when I recently pulled some of the statistics on my hottest and highest open rate subject lines, I thought it would be fun to share them with you too – so you can use
them in your own business.

(That’s just one of the many benefits of being a part of a community of like-minded business owners, like you are right here).

I usually aim for a 15% open rate, or more. So today, I am sharing some of our favorites that passed our goal.

Check these out, use them, tweak them, and try them for yourself.

• Geez, I am so sorry, [contact first name] (44%)
• gentle reminder – one last time (42%)
• Chicago Entrepreneurs, Check This Out (28%)
• The Fun Way To Expand Your Biz (26%)
• From Zero to 50k – Meet Everett (25%)
• Introduction… (24%)
• (Time Sensitive) Did You See This (21%)
• I’m Coming To Baltimore! (18%)
• 665 million customers are waiting to find you (18%)
• any plans September 18th? (18%)
• This Really Pissed Me Off (18%)
• FYI (16%)


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