$1,000,000 Copywriting Tricks For Coaches


These are what I call my $1,000,000 copywriting tricks for coaches, and they are all super simple techniques that I wish I knew when I first started writing copy. As a coach, they will really make your copy soooooo much better and help you to more easily connect with your audience and sell your programs!

Here are my 4 most favorite (3 + 1 AWESOME BONUS TRICK!):


#1 Write your copy like you are writing to a friend you are very comfortable with, that also fits your idea client profile.

It’s that simple. Just pretend like you are writing to them. It’s the best way to authentically connect with your audience and let your personality shine though (more on personality in a moment).

So here’s what I do: I pretend like I am writing to my friend Carrie, who if she wasn’t my friend would be a perfect ideal client.

As I write my entire copy piece, whether it be an email, social media post, sales page, etc., I just pretend like I am writing to her.

I do this in WHAT I say and HOW I say it.

For example, sometimes I include sentences that aren’t grammatically correct according to my high school English teacher, but are written how I would write to Carrie. Another example is sometimes I use abbreviations for words instead of the full word. This is how I write to her in my everyday life because it’s more connected and conversational, so I’ve chosen to write that way to my tribe so they can experience that too. (Some of you grammar nerds are cringing right now, I know).

After the copy piece is complete, I read it very carefully with this question in mind:

“Does this sound like something I would write to Carrie?”.

I adjust everything that does not before putting it out there.

If you want to create more connected and conversational copy, which you should, then do this!


#2 Add your personality to your copy.

When you add your personality to your copy, it becomes more interesting, therefore more people will want to read it, and more connected, so that more people will want to move forward with your call to action – whatever it may be.

Riddle me this?

If you don’t want to read something that is boring for you, why would anyone else want to?

So here’s what I do to add personality to my copy: I talk about my life!

This allows my readers to see that I am fun, I am smart, and I am savy through what’s going on in my life, and my personality shines through that. (Notice how I did that at the beginning of this email?)


#3 Turn your features into benefits (This is what my father calls the 1-2 Punch).

Features are what you get. Benefits are how what you get helps you.

They are both important, but the features won’t sell themselves.

So here’s what I do: I turn my features into benefits.

Here’s an example:

Feature: Q+A Calls

Let’s add the 1-2 Punch: I am including Q+A calls in this program so you can ask any question that comes up, meaning you won’t get stuck at any point along the way and can keep moving forward with your progress through the program.

See what I did there?

Let’s try another one…

Feature: Sewing Machine Training Classes

Let’s add the 1-2 Punch: These sewing machine training classes will teach you how to sew with your new machine much faster than a standard manual so that you can get started and feeling confident with your machine in just a few weeks.

Just stating the feature isn’t sexy enough, and makes you seem passionless behind your product or program.

This tip will add that oomph needed to get your prospects to see why your offer is so great, will bust some of your prospects objections on the spot, and will show your prospects that you give a damn about what you offer because you strategically thought about each feature you decided to include.


BONUS TRICK #4 (This might be my best strategy yet). Each line of your copy should make the reader want to read the next line.

Think about that for a second.

So simple, yet you can see how that would be so effective, right?

So here’s what I do: When I think I’m done writing my copy piece, I read the first line and ask myself, “Is this interesting enough that I would want to read the next line?”

If it’s a “YES”, I move to the next line and ask the same question.

If it’s a “NO”, I work on recrafting it until it is.

I do that for every line in the copy piece until I feel confident that it’s interesting enough that people will want to read it, and read every last word.

Just this one strategy should be a total copy game-changer for you.

Got it? Good!


Now, I have people in my world at all different levels of the business game, but I want to take a moment before I close out this email to speak directly to those of you who are just starting to write their own copy, because I know the idea of copywriting can be overwhelming to most.  

Here’s what I want to share: Copywriting takes practice, and the best way to get good at it is to just start writing. You will get better and better over time and chances are your first piece (and second, and third…) will suck! I know mine did.

In fact, I remember when I first started writing copy, with no experience what-so-ever, and my Dad would take his red marker and outrageously mark up all of my work, over and over again – until I got it right. That happened for a long time, and he stopped doing it only when I would bring a copy piece to him and there was nothing for him to mark up any more – on the first pass.

It took time, and it probably will for you too. But it’s so important to learn because it will help you discover and communicate your point of view, and more importantly, it will help you learn how to use your words to inspire people to do business with you – and really there’s no other way.
Have the best damn day ever!


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  1. Scott October 25, 2016 Reply

    Great video Mara…Thank you for sharing these (3) important tips

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